Payment is made by bank transfer.

The sequence of actions when buying goods through our website

  1. If you find it difficult to choose the product you need, please read the following:

    Control device functionality table

    the Table of standard equipment of CRYSTAL stations

    Water level sensor selection table,

    as well as a technical description of the product (by clicking "More details").

  2. After choosing a product, click «Buy».

  3. After completing the selection of products, go to the Cart, check your order and fill in your Credentials (be sure to include: postal address, including postal code, phone number, name - this is required for free shipment).

  4. Click on «Order Confirmation».

  5. When paying, be sure to indicate your order number in the payment details.

An invoice is not issued due to the use of the Simplified Taxation System (STS) by our company (Tax Code of the Russian Federation, chapter 26.2, article 346.11).

Thank you for your purchase!