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DARIN's work during self-isolation

There is an employee on duty in the office who accepts incoming phone calls and carries out correspondence by e-mail. Warehouse stocks allow us to work as usual. Please: when obtaining the goods in th



The receipt of the paid goods in the office is carried out by prior agreement (our employee will specially come to the office to release the paid goods). Courier service of CDEK and Business lines is


Dosing pH-minus or pH-plus

In all types of CRYSTAL stations, the ability to dose pH-plus reagent has been added. Now, when setting the operating parameters of pump No. 1 (pH), the system prompts the User to set the type of reag


Crystal 4-20 station

We have improved the Crystal station, now instead of it there will be a Crystal 4-20 station (modification without membrane pumps), which can control membrane pumps by a 4-20mA signal. Now, if the cli